Our Team


Roman Larionov

Roman Larionov is the founder and president of the IT Company, PCSaved.com, located in South Carolina. With more than 14 years of experience working with small businesses and being a business owner, he has seen firsthand how the right perspective on technology can change a company’s profit picture in a short amount of time.

Roman is a published author of Kindle e-book, titled Getting More From Outsourced Computer Repair and Technical Support: 7 Insider Tips for Turning a Dreaded Cost Into a Valuable Investment available at Amazon.

Roman is a professional Web Designer and Programmer.

Roman holds two B.A. Degrees in Management and Business Administration and an M.B.A Degree in International Business.


Celeste Simmons

Celeste Simmons has been in writing and marketing for over 15 years. She studied English in college, and later added to her major with technical writing. She is a published author of two books, both available on Amazon.

After working in marketing for several years, to add to her experience, she took the search engine optimization course through Google and knows how to market a website by writing better ads on the web, and optimizing stronger key words that sell. For excellent website content and marketing language to help a business, we are glad to partner with Celeste Simmons as a writer with Fresh Web.